Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Policy

Latest Report Deepening Democracy in Sierra Leone

Getting to know us

We believe that weak public oversight of resource allocation and budget management is one of the underlying causes of poverty, inequality and tension in Sierra Leone.

Focus Areas

  1. Improving Economic Governance: Promoting public sector accountability, economic literacy and advocacy for reforms in the public and private sectors.
  2. Strengthening Political Governance: Supporting free, fair and peaceful elections including a credible population and housing census and local council planning.
  3. Promoting Sustainable Development: Monitoring post Ebola recovery investments, environmental programmes, inequality and inclusive growth and infrastructural development.


Over the last two years, we have strengthened our processes for monitoring and tracking the outcomes of our work – helping to inform future strategy and building the evidence base to demonstrate the importance of homegrown policy oriented research to the economy, national stability and institutional change.

Who we are

Our History The concept of IGR emanated from the simple view that public policy discourse should be informed by evidence-based research and advocacy. In the relationships between governments in Sierra Leone and external partners and citizens, there is often the […]

Advice on Presidents Bio new direction

Scholars have explained why political elites chose to distribute private goods such as financial bribes, cheap alcohol, drugs and food to voters instead of providing public goods such as access to quality health and education .

Sierra Leone Citizen’s Manifesto

The Citizens’ Manifesto for Sierra Leone is a non-partisan public-interest initiative that unifies well-meaning civic leaders behind a document that provides space for ordinary people to have their priorities and expectations  feed into manifestos of political parties.

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