About Us


About Us

We are an independent, multi-disciplinary, policy-oriented research team. Our experience within governments, among donors and civil society ensures our partners and client’s access to quality data, timely, rich analysis and excellent onsite training and workshops.

Our independence enables us to takean unbiased, flexible and long-term view of issues. We adopt a catalytic and transformative role in driving forward institutional reform, and we work with a wide variety of partners in government, civil society and media to maximise the value of the reforms we advocate.

We provide post- research support, training, coaching and mentoring. IGR has a readily available team of research assistants from all ethnic groups and regions of Sierra Leone.


How we Measure our Performance

Over the last two years, we have strengthened our processes for monitoring and tracking the outcomes of our work – helping to inform future strategy and building the evidence base to demonstrate the importance of homegrown policy oriented research to the economy, national stability and institutional change.

At IGR, we ensure that our approach to monitoring and evaluation is balanced, proportionate and taken forward in close partnership with relevant stakeholders.

We recognise that the road to transformation and institutional behavior change can be long, difficult and complex – the impacts of our work are unlikely to create dramatic change in the immediate term.

With our partners, we have developed a series of high-level indicators of progress. We draw on both quantitative and qualitative information to provide an overview of how and where we can make a difference in the next three years.

What we want to achieve How we measure success
Institutional Capacity for high quality home-grown research and advocacy 1.     Level of transparency in IGR’s governance structure.

2.     Level of transparency in financial operations and records.

3.     Organizational Effectiveness and financial sustainability

4.     Relevance of research and domestic recognition as measured by activities undertaken in line with our policy suggestions

Quality of Work


1.     Overall quality of research and information as reported by partners:

2.     Degree of thoroughness and comprehensiveness of advocacy campaigns.

3.     Degree to which publicationsmeet academic standards, are evidence-driven and rigorous.

4.     Development of use of credible datasets

5.     Use of rigorous analysis to produce research and support descriptive methods.

6.     Level of independence of research evidence and analysis particularly of the government and interest groups.

Policy Relevance


1.     Frequency of use of IGR policy advice and prescriptions in framing policy debates.

2.     Reports of stakeholdersthat disseminations are credible and convincing and offer practical prescriptions to salient problems in Sierra Leone.

 Policy Impact


1.     Utilisation by other influential elites: editorial boards, columnists,

2.     Utilisation by political pressure groups and other civic actors

3.     Cumulative media references to research products

4.     References made in scholarly journals, news media, public testimony, etc.