January 15, 2018

Findings of KAP Survey II

July 31, 2017



Download a PDF copy of the Citizens’ Manifesto HERE

Me Vote Na Mi Life

Download a PDF copy of the Citizens’ Manifesto HERE



Today 29th July 2017, the Steering Committee for the development of a Citizens Manifesto wishes to inform the general public that it has launched the Citizens’ Manifesto at the Miatta Conference Center, ahead of Sierra Leone’s March 2018 elections. 
The Citizens’ Manifesto for Sierra Leone is a non-partisan public-interest initiative intended to provide scope for ordinary people to have their priorities and expectations feed into political party manifestos and the electoral process. The document embodies our aspirations for meaningful elections in March 2018. The final manifesto is the result of a long process of collecting voices and views of thousands of citizens followed by consultations and consensus building with up to 720 civic leaders, groups and private and public sector workers across Sierra Leone.
We hope that all the efforts put into this document will result in increased  political participation of marginalized segments of the population especially young Sierra Leoneans under 35 years, women and girls and persons living with disabilities. We also call for increased accountability of governance institutions and political candidates, starting with asset publication by presidential and parliamentary candidates upon nomination for the 2018 elections. We also ask that candidates engage in transparent campaign financing by opening campaign accounts in recognized banks and allowing periodic review of these accounts. To increase the stakes and benefits of citizens in agricultural and mining communities, we ask that existing mining and large scale agricultural land acquisition agreements be reviewed. 
We present these resolutions to the aspiring generation of political leaders and Election Management Bodies and humbly request that they subscribe to them, and work to accomplish them during and after the 2018 general elections. We believe that by responding to the resolutions in our Manifesto, political parties and the next administration can change the face and purpose of politics in Sierra Leone resulting in greater socio-economic development for its citizens.
We know that building democracy and accountable institutions is a long-term process, and so, we are committed to monitoring this Manifesto’s provisions and following up its implementation with the next administration. 
We call on all Sierra Leonean voters to make sure they know what is in the Manifesto and to make it an important part of their engagement with political parties and the succeeding administration.
We thank all citizens who took part in the consultations and the design of this manifesto and request your continued support as we follow up on the implementation of its provisions.
Long Live Democracy! God Bless Sierra Leone!


Download a PDF copy of the Citizens’ Manifesto HERE

July 6, 2017

3×3×18 Campaign:My Vote My Life

                                       MY VOTE MY LIFE


Who says Sierra Leone voters will never rise above the weight of ethno-regional divisions and think about the policies and actions that affect their lives? Who says violence will remain a dominant feature in the politics of Sierra Leone?
Today, Tuesday 4th July, the Institute for Governance Reform (IGR) and its partner media organizations, musicians, cassette sellers and civil society leaders launched the 3 X 3 X 18 Campaign. The 3 X 3 X 18 Campaign is an initiative seeking to reach 3 million voters with targeted civic education messages by the 3rd month of 2018. 
Musicians and cassette sellers vouched to reach informal networks and low literate audiences with civic education messages. Hear the messages (My Vote, My life) from Sierra Leone’s leading music artists and film stars (Emerson ft. Star Zero, Steady Bongo, Zainab Sheriff and Slim G).

We note that a voter perception survey conducted in March 2018 showed that 40 percent of Sierra Leoneans believe that personal characteristics such as honesty, commitment and integrity determines their voting choices. We believe that our messages in the music audio and video could contribute to shifting mindsets in the coming months which could lead to change in attitudes and make elections peaceful and policy based. We know this is a tall order. But we can begin to do something about it now to impact the March 2018 election. 
This 3 X 3 X 18 campaign is part of the broader objective of the Standing together for Democracy Consortium, a project promoting, free, fair and peaceful elections in Sierra Leone. 
We will be most delighted if you join us share this song among your network.
Andrew Lavali
Institute for Governance Reform
October 3, 2016

Government to Implement Policy Measures to Tackle Economic Slowdown

By State House Communication Unit

THE GOVERNMENT today agreed to implement a wide range of policy measures to address the current economic challenges facing the country following an emergency Cabinet meeting this morning at State House.

It would be recalled that on March 9, 2016, President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma established a Cabinet Subcommittee to proffer short to medium term measures on expenditure rationalization and domestic revenue mobilization. The subcommittee comprised the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the Chief of Staff in the Office of the President, Minister of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED), Minister of State 1, MoFED, Secretary to the President, and Governor and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank.

The subcommittee was charged with the specific responsibility to address challenges facing the economy ranging from impact of low commodity prices on minerals, overall low compliance rate among individual taxpaying public and business entities, the effect of the Ebola epidemic, depreciation of the Leone against major foreign currencies, high interest rates and domestic borrowing, increasing trend of extra-budgetary expenditures as well as off budget revenues held by subvented agencies.

President Koroma told his Cabinet this morning: “These measures will be implemented up to the first half of 2017 in order to stabilize the current situation.” He urged the Ministry of Information and Communications to sensitize the public of these measures or any actions thereof and to fully engage Civil Society Organizations to be part of the process. “If we are able to fight Ebola, we should be able to put up a fight that would turn around the economic fortunes of the country,” he said.

The president expressed the need to take an inward look under the current circumstances on domestic revenue mobilization, and urged MDAs to cut down on expenditure and focus on measures that would be fully implemented in stabilizing the economy. “While considering the recommendations put forward by the International Monetary Fund, We must look at practical ways to minimize the challenges facing the country,” he emphasized.

According to the Accountant General, Kebbay Koroma, petroleum retail prices in Sierra Leone are substantially lower compared to neighbouring countries and in effect government is subsidizing the consumption of petroleum products not only in Sierra Leone but in neighbouring countries.

Below are measures proposed by the Cabinet Subcommittee and subsequently approved by Cabinet:

· 30% cut in recurrent expenditure across the board (estimated cost savings Le309 billion from March to September 2016;

· Suspend all domestic finance capital projects and suppliers’ contracts until further notice;

· No new procurement of Government vehicles until further notice;

· No purchase of new office furniture and fittings;

· 50% cut in fuel allocations to all MDAs;

· 50% cut in monthly office imprests;

· 70% of all payments to suppliers/contractors that have foreign components to be effected in Leones;

· 50% cut in DSA for local travels;

· Elimination of overtime payments;

· No purchase of office equipment (computers, printers and photocopiers);

· Restrict all overseas travels and rationalize delegation sizes;

· No top-up allowance for sponsored international travels;

· 50% cut across the board in vehicle maintenance;

· All seminars, retreats and workshops should be held in office facilities;

· Eliminate double payments of pensions and salaries across the board.

The above measures have been extended to March, 2017.

Furthermore, government has approved the following measures aimed at domestic revenue mobilization:

· Start effective implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA);

· Transfer 60% of existing resources including projected revenues of all financially autonomous agencies into the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF);

· All business outfits to pay outstanding arrears of taxes within 30 days;

· All commercial banks should transfer monies in transit accounts within 24 hours (strict penalties would apply in the event of failure to comply);

· Minimize discretionary duty waivers and rationalize statutory duty waivers.

Sierra Leone
3rd October, 2016

July 7, 2016

What is Governance reform

Over the last two years, we have strengthened our processes for monitoring and tracking the outcomes of our work – helping to inform future strategy and building the evidence base to demonstrate the importance of homegrown policy oriented research to the economy, national stability and institutional change.