We believe that with effective communication and through strong partnerships, sustained democratic change is bound to happen. We apply high ethical standards in the research we conduct,making sure that high quality data and unbiased research conclusions underpin our advocacy.

We take a structured approach in initiating change that takes the following approach:

  1. Development of an accountable memorandum of understanding with institutional partners to help clarify expectations, roles and responsibilities;
  2. The conduct of diagnostics on the work of institutions to assess the extent in which they are on or off track in achieving their mandates, and sharing these results with key institutional partners;
  3. The dissemination of research results through community radio stations, television, local newspaper, universities, social media and other forums for consumption by civil society groups, community based organizations, national and international partners and the population at large.

Through our P4C² programmes we raise awareness and increase public pressure and demand for key reform and publicise achievements/successes within government and the private sector for replication by policy actors across society. Our training programmes for civil society and the media help us build solid constituencies and increase voices around policy making and implementation.

We understand the shocks and resistance that come along with change and so our P4C²strategy works through the most practical change management model to achieved transformation.

 Our Change Curve

The strategy therefore rides on two opposing tactics. On one side, we are guided by the principle of support of government objectives, which demands a more subtle, cooperative strategy; on the other side, informing the public about areas needing attention, requires a stronger, more combative identity for IGR. In practice, this means that we first and foremost, target institutional stakeholders, and demonstrate support to their own internally defined priorities.We maintain a neutral identity in our P4C² programmes and for accountability and transparency, our partnerships aregoverned by a Memorandum of Understanding.