Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Policy
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More than a year since COVID hit Sierra Leone, changing almost every aspect of how we live. Public health experts believe that the virus is going to be around with us for a while. Although, over the past months a lot of progress has been made in vaccinations and there has been a decline in the cases. However we see an emergence of new variant, this project concerned about the pandemic and its implication of our democracy and rule of law.  What would this means as we plan for presidential elections? How will the pandemic affect the institutions that are responsible for elections management? How is it affecting our rule of law? How are women surviving in this era?

The Institute for Governance Reform and the Center for Accountability and the Rule of Law (CARL) have launched three assessment reports prepared over the last four months in collaboration with GoSL’s democratic governance institutions including civil society partners. Funded by the Irish Aid, the reports investigated the implications of COVID-19 pandemic for: 

a. Sierra Leone’s 2023 Elections 

b. Human Rights 

c. Women’s empowerment and political participation. 

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