Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Policy
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Improving Economic Governance

We believe that weak public oversight of resource allocation and budget management is one of the underlying causes of poverty, inequality and tension in Sierra Leone. Government, international development partners and civil society groups such as the Budget Advocacy Network are making great efforts to scrutinise public expenditure and taxation; however GoSL still records huge revenue loses, procurement challenges persist especially for capital projects and mining contracts, and public expenditure rarely follows planned policy.


 Public Financial Management Reform, Analysis and Implementation

On an annual basis, undertake an independent Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS), as part of the Service Delivery Index, to produce a citizen score card on the flow of resources and services from the centre right down to community levels.

  • Monitor and provide independent analysis of the implementation of the agreed Performance Assessment Frameworks (PAFs) between GoSL and key development partners (WB, ADB, DFID and EU) and show how key performance indicators are met by the country and propose ways of enhancing performance.
  • Contribute to improving public procurement – IGR will analyze capital projects to unravel procurement issues and provide recommendations to address them.


  • Conduct analysis of the governance of extractives and natural resources

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