Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Policy
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Strengthening Political Governance

Improving leadership capabilities and training at various starters of governances (central and local government, civil society and private sector) contributes to poor governance and the lack of openness in political processes. We believe passionately that sustainable economic development can only occur when political processes are open, competitive and fair. In the absence of appropriate grievance redress mechanisms for resource misappropriation and abuses, the only sanction citizens have for bad governance is a free and fair ballot.


IGR’s political governance work for the next four years is centered on the promotion of a credible population census, free and fair elections and sound local development plans. Our publications will inform local conversations on elections and contribute to civic education and community conversations on electoral choices.


  1. Promote Leadership Development

In collaboration with the Harvard Business School, we will develop and implement the Adaptive Leadership Training Programme for selected MDAs, CSOs, local councils and private sector actors (especially small and medium scale enterprises).


  1. Promote Electoral Integrity

We will produce periodic audits of the electoral process including the census process. The results will provide information on electoral openness and inform decisions on reform. Our opinion polls will improve electoral integrity and minimize tensions on election.


  1. Conduct research to identify community priorities to inform local electoral conversations

We will work with communities to identify local issues to be addressed in local elections and organise community level debates among local councilors.


  1. Support district and ward development planning

In the post local council election phase IGR will support communities to work with councilors and communities to design and monitor implementation of local development plans that reflect local priorities.


  1. Publish annual national governance gauge  

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