Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Policy

Our History

The concept of IGR emanated from the simple view that public policy discourse should be informed by evidence-based research and advocacy. In the relationships between governments in Sierra Leone and external partners and citizens, there is often the conspicuous absence of independent institutions producing reliable data and analysis on government agendas and policies.

This gap inspired IGR founders to create the organisation. They were united in ensuring openness and inclusiveness in economic and political institutions and to avert conflicts arising from poor governance. In their inaugural meeting in January 2013, the founders resolved to form an organisation that can help Sierra Leone transcend the politicization and superficiality of public policy debates and foster new and effective directions for governance reforms. IGR was formed in February, 2013 as a non-partisan institution dedicated to producing home grown research and constantly and dynamically engage in public policy advocacy.

In March 2013, IGR registered with the Office of Registrar General as a think tank and advocacy organization under the laws of Sierra Leone.